All Communities & Neighborhoods

Average Size Average Lot Prices Average Home Price
Alta Vista Villages (1 & 2) 0.33 acres $250K-$300K $800-$2.5M
Mountain View Ranch 1.0 acres $110,000 $700K-$900K
Starr Pass Master Planned Community; Estates at Starr Pass; Wildcat Pass; Coyote Pass; Tohono Ridge; Eagles View 1.00 acres $175K-$350K $600K-$1.5M
Alta Vista Estates 1.00 acres $300K-$500K $1M-$3M
Camino Sin Vacas 1.00 acres $300K-$400K $700K-$2M
Cimarron Foothills Estates 1.00 acres $250K-$400K $800K-$1.5M
Coronado Foothills Estates 1.00 acres $300K-$350K $700K-$2M
Flecha Caida Ranch Estates 1.00 acres $100K-$225K $600K-$1.5M
Hacienda Del Sol Estates 1.00 acres $375K-$400K $1M-$3M
Rancho Cancion East & West 1.00 acres $150K-$200K $450K-$900K
Rancho Soldados 1.00 acres $175K-$275K $800K-$2M
Rancho Vistoso Neighborhoood 7 AKA Vistoso Pointe 1.00 acres $175K-$250K $700K-$1.5M
Sabino Highlands 1.00 acres $175K-$250K $600K-$1.5M
Skyline Country Club Estates 1.00 acres $250K-$600K $700K-$3M
Ventana Canyon Mountain Estates 1.00 acres $500K-$1.25M $2M - $6M
Pima Canyon Estates 1.40 acres $500K-$1.5M $1M-$6M
Coyote Creek 1.50 acres $125K-$275K $800K-$2M
LaPaloma Estates & LaPaloma Ridge Estates 1.50 acres $300K-$500K $600K-$3M
Stone Canyon I-VI 1.50 acres $200k-$1.5M $900K-$6M
Mountain Creek Ranch 2.0 acres $150,000 $650K-$1.3M
Coyote Ridge 2.00 acres $200K-$300K $600K-$2M
La Reserve & La Reserve II 2.00 acres $200K-$600K $600K-$3M
Sabino Estates at Sabino Springs 2.00 acres $225K-$350K $750K-$2M
Coyote Creek 2.5 acres $175,000 $800K-$2M
Garden Estates Amended 2.50 acres $200K-$300K $750K-$1.5M
Indian House Village 22000 acres $350,000 $600K-$1.5M
Saguaro Cliffs 3.00 acres $175K-$300K $650K-$2M
Catalina Foothills Estates #1-10 3.00 acres $325K-$475K $700K-$3.5M
Dove Mountain: Canyon Pass, Gallery Parcels 2, 4A, and 5, and Gallery Resort Parcel 3.00 acres $250K-$1M $1M-$5M
Honey Bee Ridge Estates 3.00 acres $200K-$450K $750K-$4M
Redington Ranch 3.00 acres $250K-$350K $800K-$2M
Trails End Estates 3.00 acres $100K-$300K $400K-$1M
Tucson Mountain Reserve 3.00 acres $200K-$350K $500K-$2M
Butterfly Mountain 3.30 acres $225K-$325K $800K-$1.5M
Sycamore Canyon 3.30 acres $150K-$200K $450K-$900K
Estrella Vista Estates 3.30 acres $200K-$350K $600K-$2M
Fetzer Ranch (Saguaro Hills Estates) 3.30 acres $200K-$400K $700K-$3M
Highland Trails 3.30 acres $175K-$250K $600K-$1M
La Cebadilla Estates 3.30 acres $200K-$300K $850-$1.5M
Naranja Ranch Estates 3.30 acres $250K-$275K $800K-$1.2M
Palo Verde Ranch 3.30 acres $250K-$400K $850K-$3M
Saguaro Trails 3.30 acres $150K-$275K $600K-$1.5M
Snyder Creek Canyon 3.30 acres $200K-$300K $700K-$2M
Telesis Estates 3.30 acres $175K-$250K $500K-$900K
Rinconado Estates 3.50 acres $175K-$250K $800K-$1.5M
X9 Ranch 36.00 acres $250K-$500K $750K-$2M
X-9 Ranch 36.00 acres $400,000 $1M-$3M
Saguaro Ranch 4.00 acres $375K-$1M $2M-$6M
The Canyons 4.00 acres $350K-$1M+ $2M-$8M
Ocotillo Preserve  4.1 acres $150,000 $700K-$1M
Silverbell Trails Estates 4.1 acres $50,000 $250K-$400K
Blanco Estates 5.0 acres $50,000 $200K-$350K
Rincon Heights 5500 acres $200,000 $450K-$1M
Blenman-Elm 7000 acres $125,000 $450K-$1M

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