Rincon Heights

Rincon Heights is an in-city neighborhood that surrounds The University of Arizona on the east, west, and north sides of campus. Because of its popularity as an off-campus dwelling, it has a few limited parcels left unbuilt with typically higher prices. Nonetheless, its closeness to campus makes it highly sought after and appealing.

The typical buyer profile for these neighborhoods includes:

  • Professors
  • Graduate students
  • Parents with children attending the U of A
  • Small builders specializing in rental homes

Property sizes in this district typically range from 5,000 to 12,000 sq. ft., with  R-1 or R-2 zoning. Because of the recent zoning updates, it has introduced the option to construct a second, smaller residential unit on these lots, known as ADU (Auxiliary Dwelling Units), although certain restrictions do apply. This newfound flexibility has enhanced buyer interest.


Average Size:
Lot Prices:
Home Prices:

Tucson Central Communities & Neighborhoods

Average Size Average Lot Prices Average Home Price
Blenman-Elm 7000 acres $125,000 $450K-$1M
Rincon Heights 5500 acres $200,000 $450K-$1M
Indian House Village 22000 acres $350,000 $600K-$1.5M

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