April 2024 Land Report

In the Tucson Lot and Land market, March 2024 active inventory was 714, virtually unchanged from March 2023. There were 59 closings in March 2024, a 5% increase from March 2023. Year-to-date 2024, there were 159 closings, an 8% increase from year-to-date 2021. Months of Inventory was 12.1, down from 12.6 in March 2023. The […]

Buying and Selling Land in Tucson: Market Trends From Q4 and Q1 of 2022-23

Nestled in the expansive Sonoran Desert, Tucson stands as the second-largest city in Arizona (surpassed by Phoenix) and boasts a community of college students, families, and retirees. And if you’re looking to become part of this community, you may want to get familiar with the current land market outlook. A Quick Overview of Market Trends […]

The Stock Market’s Impact on the Housing Market

At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the housing market was filled with cash buyers offering way over a seller’s asking price, making the market incredibly competitive and favoring sellers. But, as the federal government increased interest rates in March 2022, the economy slowed down, and the housing market shifted into more […]

Conventional Mortgages: Your Options for a Home Loan

When you finance a home, you have many loan options to pick from. Each type of mortgage has its advantages and disadvantages, from government-backed loans to private loans, one option you might encounter during your search is a conventional mortgage. What Separates a Conventional Mortgage From the Rest? A conventional mortgage, also known as a […]

4 Tips on Relocating To A New Neighborhood

A lot of preparation goes into moving to a new neighborhood, and it can be overwhelming. Between finding your way around town, starting a new job, and making new friends, it can be stressful. After all, you’re making a huge life change, and you want to get it right. But, if you take it one […]

How to Bring Utilities to Vacant Land

You found your perfect piece of land in a private, rural spot in the countryside. It’s exactly what you wanted, but there’s one problem: no utilities. You’ll want your basic services (electricity, water, etc.) to make your space livable. So, how can you bring utilities to your vacant land? Check for the Closest Utility Lines […]

5 Small Things Not to Forget When Building a New House

Building a home requires a certain level of attention to even the most minuscule of details. Your builder will help you in planning out the architectural style and design of your home, but you are the expert on how you want your home to function. To ensure you don’t forget the small things in your […]

Wildlife and Washes: The Beauty of Living On Tucson Land

In my previous post, I shared information about Pima County’s rules and regulations for building on Tucson lots or vacant land where washes are present. I’ve also recently covered why washes are so common in Tucson, why you don’t have to fear them, and how to proceed in buying a vacant lot or vacant land […]

Hikers and Homeowners to Share 23 Acres on the Northeast Side

For years one of the most popular hiking, walking, mountain biking, and rock climbing spots in Tucson’s northeast side has been the trails at the east end horsehead Rd., La Milagrosa Trail, Milagrosa Ridge Trail, and the Agua Caliente Canyon Trail Loop. After walking a mile or so on a flat dirt and partially paved […]