Exploring Downtown Tucson’s Boundless Revitalization

To some, Tucson may seem like a quaint city with a bit of charm, but to those in the know, Tucson is quite the exciting city. Multi-million dollar constructions, award-winning restaurants and chefs, first-rate art galleries, a world-class university, and countless cultural institutions have all lent their hand to putting Tucson on the map.
As one of the most fashionable and up-and-coming cities, Tucson is undergoing a revitalization that has created a whirlwind of excitement and business opportunities in the heart of the Old Pueblo, and Downtown Tucson has become the epicenter of much of the city’s renewal efforts. So far, less than a year in, those efforts are already paying off handsomely.
Tucson was recently ranked third in the United States for job growth, and that should come as no surprise. Vector Space Systems, headquartered in Tucson, is grabbing a slice of the pie by creating as many as 500 new jobs to produce rockets and satellites that are bound for space. Major defense industry leaders, including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Dyncorp have arms in Tucson, operating alongside Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.
And where business is booming, a strong, vibrant mecca of nightlife, entertainment, and uniquely-Tucson retail shops abound. Downtown Tucson is riding the wave of visionary investors and dynamic businesses, in conjunction with the Tucson city government and civic leaders, have transformed Downtown Tucson into a center for all things that Tucsonans will be boasting about for decades to come.
The Historic Hotel Congress has always nary seen a night in decades without drinking, dancing, and a swell of people, but today, hardly stands alone. Maynards’ happy-hour, the Rialto’s invigorated concert schedule, and the host of custom bars and breweries like Rum Bar and the humongous Thunder Canyon Brewery are all busy keeping visitors to Downtown Tucson thoroughly lubricated and entertained.
Rave-reviewed restaurants are making their mark on the area too, like Hub (now with a separate location just for their ice cream), Batch Café & Bar, OBON Sushi Bar & Ramen, and Street Taco and Beer Co. are cozying up to Tucson staple eateries like Café Poca Cosa and Diablo Burger to offer up some exclusive tastes for a varied crowd.
As the streetcar tracks shuttle University of Arizona students from campus to Downtown, residents are anxious to see new housing opportunities opening for students and locals alike. Before the new revitalization efforts, Downtown Tucson was largely an artists’ and special interest communities who we should thank for local events like the All Souls Procession, Meet Me at Maynards’, and Tucson Meet Yourself which draw visitors from all around the world to Tucson.
Today, housing efforts are in the works to bring new ideas and life to Downtown Tucson, so be on the lookout for stylish lofts, modern apartments, and maybe even some student housing too.
One more big item being added to Downtown Tucson that is in the works and on schedule, the AC Hotel by Marriott. This eight-story hotel will be tremendous boon to the Downtown, as it is the first hotel to be erected in the area since 1972.
Slated to open late summer 2017, the AC Hotel was the missing piece in the Downtown puzzle, but now it is set to be a key investment that will pay off handsomely by contributing to Tucson’s tourism industry in a major way.
There is still a lot more to come to Tucson over the next few years, and with it thousands of new visitors who will fall in love with Tucson too.

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